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Law office owned by Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury Shakil -corporate Lawyer – focused on providing legal solutions to meet the special needs of any person, company, bank, non banking financial institute, international Businesses and individual entrepreneurs. This also includes any matters of civil or criminal in nature specially on Ortho Rin Adalot . Dhaka based law-office.

Abrars Legalservices
Owned by Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury Shakil practising Corporate Lawyer – that offers full Range of legal services to a diversified client base, including well- Known multi-national corporations in Bangladesh. We offer a broad range of legal services with particular emphasis on commercial litigation, franchise, land development, corporate, commercial and bank financing.
Professional and Experienced Corporate Law Attorney

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Excellent Track Record.
A to Z Legal Solution with Audit Support by our professional partner C A

Transparent Fees
Joint Venture Related All kind of legal support For foreign&Local Company

Unparalleled Customer Service
Agreement of any Types, Power of Attorney, Affidavit with Notary and Court Support.Abrars Legalservices
Our Role

As legal counsel, we view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ management team. Our experiences across a broad spectrum of industries allow us to bring objectivity and different perspective to our clients’ decision-making process. Our knowledge of business trends in a rapidly changing marketplace also enables us to help our clients cope with novel situations and resolving disputes through arbitration or otherwise.

Abrar’s Legal Services Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Corporate And Tax Lawyer In Dhaka BD​

Income Tax Return Filling (Individual), Income Tax Return Filling (Company), Individual Tax Certificate Tax Consultancy and Reduce the company tax/staff taxes. business lawyers typically observe in law corporations

Commercial Lawyer

Commercial lawyers agitate problems referring to business transactions. we have a tendency to could draft shopper agreements, discuss employment contracts or write purchase agreements.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW Related Support: patent, Trade mark and copy Right Registration in proper legal system.
TAX SUPPORT Full Income Tax Solution Regular and Appeal in N B R and Court.

• Income Tax Return Filling (Individual)
• Income Tax Return Filling (Company)
• Individual Tax Certificate
• Tax Consultancy and Reduce the company tax/staff taxes.
• E-TIN Registration
• IT-10B Certified Copy.
• Tax Exemption
• Tax Holiday
• White Money (Income and Property)
• Tax Notice Solve (Audit cases)
• Tax Appeal case in court.

• ✓systematic profile for Bank loan & Project.
Employee benefit scheme Formation support

Copyright Lawyer
Copyright law is the area of law that protects the right of authors, artists and creators to profit from their work. Copyright law protects: Books, Written papers and poems, Music, Singing, Movies, Video recordings, Theater and drama, Art, Sculpture, Architecture, Sound, Derivative works of any of these things
Abrars Legalservices

Property Settlements
Property law is that the space of law that governs the varied sorts of possession and occupancy in material possession (land as distinct from personal or movable possessions) and in property, inside the common law system.

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Professional and Trade Associations

  • Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.
  • Rupsha Group
  • PlanetBusiness Corporation
  • Heritage Group
  • UrbanServiceslimited 
  • UrbanResidential(BD) limited
  • A Z N Steltech Limited
  • Urbeco Consultants Limited
  • Wave Media Limited



® many more company &  Individual clients


lawyer’s Panel

Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury Shakil

LL.B (Hon’s) LL. M
Advocate and Commercial Law Consultant

Mahmudul Hasan

LL.B Advocate and Legal consultant

Abdullah Al Mamun

I T P,Senior Tax Consultant

Pu sing mong Marma.

LL.B,junior lawyer and Admin .





Post By Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury Shakil – Lawyer


Business profile

– Name of a Company
– Mision & Vision
– Product & Services of the Company
– What is the Strengths & Weakness
– Project Cost
– Sources of Fund
– Shareholding & Partners
– Market Study
– Marketing plan
– Assets & liability
– Projected Revenue & expenses for next 3 years
– Human resources
– Working Capital till BEP
– Timeline to start & finish the job
– Return on Investment (ROI)

Important notes before purchasing a new Land or property


Before buying a land you must keep in mind some things. In particular, the ownership of the seller and the various documents of the land must be thoroughly examined; Otherwise you may be in danger, even deceived. Land should not be purchased without verifying the document.

What to check:

1. The records made through the survey, ie the design and design, have to be verified.
2. Schedule of land ie the mouza of the land, the Khatiyan number and the dagger number, the total amount of land should be known at that spot.
3. CS if applicable; SA; RS; PS; City surveys should be inspected.
4. If the seller is the owner of the land at the time of purchase, the seller’s ownership must be ensured in conjunction with the record of the purchase document and the purchase document.
5. If the seller is inherited, the latest survey will have to look at the authenticity of the seller or the person through whom he obtained his name.
6. The survey area should be verified by the vendor in the running area.
7. The land acquired in succession must be viewed by the seller’s share of the property with the seller.
8. Documents collected from the vendor, documents of Khatiyan / pamphlet, etc. should be sent to the concerned land office and check with the petitioner / proprietor registrar.
9. The last name will have to be verified by the DCR Treasurer (Receipt). The buyer is responsible for paying the arrears of rent if the land is rented and if he buys the land along with the outstanding rent.
1০. Considering whether the land is subjected to certificate litigation, whether it has ever been auctioned or not, the tehsil office / upazila land office should know. The property in the certificate suit is not for sale.
11. The land to be considered, whether abandoned / surrendered, acquired or noted for acquisition, should be known from the Tahsil, the Upazila Land Office or the LA branch of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office.
12. It is important to know whether the land under consideration is litigated in a court. The sued land should not be purchased.
13. The land under consideration should be verified by designation on the land and match its position and the seller’s ownership and possession should be ensured by inquiry into the occupation.
14. The latest sale of the land can be found by searching the sub-registrar’s office.
15. Whether the proposed land is liable to any bank / company for the loan.
16. It is also necessary to see if there is a road to the proposed land.


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